Bladder / Prostate Disorder

Just imagine, you wake up at night and running to the washroom, not only once but often. Frequent night bathroom are the sign of bladder enlargement. It is one of the common disorders that affect majority of males, specially seen in elderly people. Bladder disorder takes place when the cells of bladder gland start to multiple. The additional cells start swelling and squeeze the urethra and reduce the limit urine flow. Other problem arises to due to improper flow of urination such as improper kidney function, urination pressure at night, frequent urination and increase in bladder prostrate etc. 

Prostrate or bladder disorder is the inability to empty the prostrate completely. It is usually of 2 different type called acute bladder disorder and chronic bladder disorder. Acute retention happen suddenly and last for short period of time. People with this type cannot urinate at all even though they have full bladder. It can cause great discomfort and pain.

Chronic can be a long lasting   condition. People suffering from this type of disorder can urinate but do not completely empty all of the urine. Most of the people are not even aware that they are facing this condition unless they develop some other problem such as loss of bladder control, urinary incontinence, loss of urine or any other urinary tract infection that caused by harmful bacteria present on urinary tract. 

By following some healthy habits you can reduce the symptoms of this disorder such as avoiding intake of caffeine, alcohol and smoking, do regular exercise and take healthy diet to avoid bladder disorder. Medications are available to successfully treat prostrate disorder such as Avodart, Urispas, Flomax, Ditropan, Solifenacin, Macrobid, UroXatral, Urecholine, Himalaya Cystone, Tamsulosin, and Casodex.