Birth Control

In recent years, the demand of birth control pills has been increased over the years. Use of birth control has become very important for most of women. 

Millions of women had successfully avoided their unplanned pregnancy with the help of effective birth control pills. Birth control provides you an option to carry your sensual life more vigorous even if you are not using any birth control methods at the time of your intimacy session. There are various birth control methods available such as condoms, IUDs devices, ring and patches, soft gels, pills etc to postpone your motherhood.   Women can face unplanned pregnancy because of various reasons like failure of contraceptives, unhealthy relation with her partner, financial problem, in case of rape etc. In all these condition avoiding pregnancy is necessary.

Effectual birth control pills contain 2 hormone called Estrogen and Progesterone and these hormones works together to avoid ovulation. Birth control Pills work by thickening cervix lining and make difficult for the sperm to enter into the uterus and to reach the egg that was released by ovary.

Most of the birth control pills available either in 21 days pack or in 27 days pack.  Based on the pack, pills are either stopped for 7 days or the pills that contains no hormone is taken for 7 days.

Various birth control pills are available on our online portal to effectively avoid unplanned pregnancy. Medications such as Loette, Familon, Ovral-L, Ovral-G, Dianette, Dronis, Mircette and Yasmin are used to avoid pregnancy.