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MTP kit (medical termination of pregnancy)

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Mifepristone and Misoprostol

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Unplanned pregnancy during the unwed time is very distressing, shameful and put a big question mark on the character of any teenage girl. Our present society is not so open and they cannot accept the teenage pregnancy at any cost. At the young stage of life, girl cannot afford the responsibilities of a baby and continue her pregnancy. So, abortion or termination of pregnancy is the last option left for any female. In that condition, you can easily terminate your unwanted pregnancy in an effective and confidential manner by using one of the successful methods of abortion known as MTP kit (medical termination of UNwanted pregnancy). A girl can easily afford the rate of MTP kit by purchasing from online drug portal because it is very cheap in rates rather than chemist shop.


Normally,medical abortion process is carried out by the abortion pills known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both abortion pills work in a unique way to end an unwanted pregnancy. But, MTP kit is only meant for the end of early intra-uterine pregnancy that is less than 9 weeks (63days). You can calculate your gestation duration from the first day of your last menstruation.

Dosing format of MTP kit-

Mainly, MTP kit contains total 5 tablets, 1 Mifepristone tablet (200mg) and 4 Misoprostol tablets (200mcg each).

  • Firstly, you have to consume a single Mifepristone tablet by mouth with a glassful of water.
  • After 24 to 48hours, you have to take 4 Misoprostol tablets by mouth or vaginal route. Use 2to 3 drops of saline water to avoid vagina infection, if you are choosing a vaginal method of administration.
  • After 2 weeks of proper medication, visit your nearest hospital for the confirmation of complete end of pregnancy.


Action mechanism of MTP kit-

Mifepristone is a potent Anti-progesterone hormone, which works by inhibiting the functions of naturally occurring progesterone hormone, which play a main role in the maintenance of pregnancy by providing sufficient oxygen and nutrition to the fetus for growth and development. After deactivation of progesterone hormone, a fetus cannot get sufficient oxygen and nutrition and unable to grow properly and leads to death.

Misoprostol is a prostaglandin analogue, which works by strong contraction of the uterine wall and helps in the elimination of dead fetus, tissues, placenta, and embryo from the womb of a female.

After complete end of pregnancy, you experience several undesirable symptoms like body pain, muscle pain, nervousness, pelvic pain, inflammation of the vagina, white discharge from vagina, cramps, abdomen pain, nausea, fever, painful and prolong bleeding through private parts. Bleeding is quite painful and heavy than normal menstruation.


Dos with MTP kit-

  • Have complete bed rest after abortion for the speedy recovery of health.
  • For revival of health or blood loss, you have to take healthy and nutritive diet after abortion.
  • Eat iron containing meals for the recovery of blood loss or anemia.
  • Remove your all intra-uterine devices (IUD’s) before using this kit.


Don’t with MTP kit-

  • MTP kit is strictly forbidden in case of hypersensitivity towards Mifepristone and Misoprostol, adrenal porphyria, endometrial problem, uterine fibroids, and bleeding disorders like anemia or leukemia.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for few days as it may increase the risk of getting pregnant.
  • Avoid taking alcoholic beverages and corticosteroids while consuming abortion kit.


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