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Buy Careprost online Cheap Price USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Austria

Buy Careprost online Cheap Price USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Austria


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Bimatoprost Generic (Careprost Eye Drop) is a generic ingredient available as ophthalmic solution to instill in eye for eye lashes growth when they are not sufficiently grown or their growth is abnormal. It is also used to treat glaucoma by balancing the outflow and inflow of aqueous humor through eye to reduce eye pressure when glaucoma is left untreated.


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How Bimatoprost acts?

Condition of low eye lashes growth is called hypotrichosis and Bimatoprost acts on active hair growth phase and increases the length of that phase. It is a prostaglandin analog because prostaglandins are supposed to be involved in hair growth.


Who should not take Bimatoprost?

  • Do not take in case of pregnancy or if you are planning for it.
  • Lactating mother should not take it.
  • Patients allergic to generic Bimatoprost must avoid its instillation.


What would be the storage conditions of Bimatoprost?

Store the bottle at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, moisture and reach of children.


How you should take Bimatoprost?

  • Use it during night time for once only. Use a clean fine eye liner brush to apply Bimatoprost eye drop and draw the brush across the skin of upper eye lid margin and the meeting point of eye lashes and the skin.
  • Apply a drop of Bimatoprost with clean eye liner brush starting from the inner part of eye lash to outer part of lash line.
  • Do not rinse your eyes if it mistakenly gets into your eyes because it will not harm your eye. 


What are the drug interactions of Bimatoprost?

Take precaution while using any other eye medication if you are using Bimatoprost.


What would be the side effects of Bimatoprost?

Red eyes, itching, vision change, dizziness, darkening of iris, inflammation of eye and eye lid, headache, discoloration or pigmentation around eye and infections are some of Bimatoprost undesirable responses.


What precautions should be taken with Bimatoprost?

  • Remove your contact lenses and full make up before instillation of ophthalmic solution.
  • Try to avoid contamination of bottle and brush with finger or any other matter to prevent infections.

Buy Careprost online Cheap Price USA | UK | Europe | Canada | Austria

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