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Buy Ultram | Tramadol Tablet 200mg | 250mg | 100mg | 50mg online USA @ Cheapest Price

Buy Ultram | Tramadol Tablet 200mg | 250mg | 100mg | 50mg online USA @ Cheapest Price


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30 Tablets Ultram 200mg $1.23 $36.78
50 Tablets Ultram 200mg $0.93 $46.30
100 Tablets Ultram 200mg $0.78 $77.60
150 Tablets Ultram 200mg $0.75 $111.90
200 Tablets Ultram 200mg $0.74 $147.20
300 Tablets Ultram 200mg $0.73 $217.80
30 Tablets Ultram 250mg $2.10 $63.00
200 Tablets Ultram 250mg $1.05 $210.00
30 Tablets Ultram 50mg $1.10 $33.00
200 Tablets Ultram 50mg $0.70 $140.00
30 Tablets Ultram 100mg $1.43 $42.90
200 Tablets Ultram 100mg $0.70 $140.00


Tramadol is the main therapeutic agent of Ultram formulation to overcome and get relief of pain that occurs due to breakage of various tissues and muscles, physical injury, some drugs leading to contraction or muscle damage and tiredness.


 How Ultram acts?

Ultram containing Tramadol is a weak opioid receptor antagonist that binds to and inhibits GABA, dopamine, acetylcholine neurotransmitters activity and lower the CNS working. It also prevent reuptake of serotonin and nor-epinephrine that result in CNS depression of pain impulse to reduce various types of pain.


Who should not take Ultram?

  • Pregnant ladies or who are planning for it, nursing mothers and people allergic to Ultram or any component of it should avoid its intake.
  • Individuals of age group below 16 years and above 65 age are not advised to take it.


What would be the storage conditions of Ultram?

Store medicine at room temperature and keep it away from heat, light, moisture and reach of children.


How you should take Ultram?

Maximum effective dose should not exceed 400mg per day. You can take it orally with water without regard of food. Dose that you can take is only 3 to 4 times a day or according to patient conditions.


What would be done in case of doses if- ?

Missed Dose- Take missed dose as soon as you remember but do not take with next dose or its better to skip that missed dose.

Over Dose- Immediately consult a physician if you feel undesirable symptoms of nervous disorder or respiratory disorder.


What are the drug interactions of Ultram?

Ultram is contraindicated with MAO inhibitors, other opioid, Tricyclic anti depressants, Triptans, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), anti seizures, neuroleptics, Quinidine, Cimetidine, Warfarin, Ketoconazole.


What would be the side effects of Ultram?

Vertigo, nausea, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, dry mouth, visual disturbance, allergic reactions, numbness and burning are some of side effects that you may examine with Ultram.


What precautions should be taken with Ultram?

  • Alcohol consumption with Ultram leads to serious CNS effects.
  • Withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, sweating, insomnia, upper respiratory symptoms occur if you stop the drug suddenly.
  • Mental or physical abilities get affected, so try to avoid driving or any alertness required activity.

 Buy Ultram | Tramadol Tablet 200mg | 250mg | 100mg | 50mg online USA @ Cheapest Price

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