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Cyproterone Acetate


Cyproterone Acetate

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Dianette is a contraceptive 21 day pill that contains an estrogen (Ethinyl estradiol) and an-anti androgen (Cyproterone) that is used as contraceptive method to control birth. It is not used as protection against STDs.

How Dianette act?

Dianette contains Cyproterone and Ethinyl estradiol, two synthetic analogues of naturally occurring body hormones. Dianette works by two effects-

Fist is the inhibition of sperm entry by thickening of mucus lining at womb neck so that sperm cannot enter for fertilization.

Second is the inhibition of egg release from ovaries to inhibit ovulation process.

Who should not take Dianette

  • If you are taking any other hormonal contraceptive then avoid its intake.
  • Pregnant ladies or who are supposed to be or planning for it should not take this drug.
  • Breast feeding mothers are also advised to avoid this drug.

What would be the storage conditions of Dianette?

Store medicine at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, moisture and reach of children.

How you should take Dianette?

It is available in a package of 21 tablets each marked with every week day for its intake. You can also start first pill on the first day of menstruation or start according to days.

Take each pill with water for continuous 21 days during same time. Take it as whole without chewing. When you finished with 21 pills, take rest for next 7 days because you do not have to take any contraceptive pill in those days.

On 8th day, start with a next packet of Dianette to continue for next 21 days and then again wait for 7 days and you can start another 3rd packet of Dianette on 8th day consecutive to that cycle. Start your new packet also at same time.

It is 99% effective when taken on regular cycle.

What should be done in case of doses if-?

Missed Dose- Consult physician or it may increases the chances of pregnancy.

Over Dose- Take medical help in case of over dose.

What are the drugs interactions of Dianette?

Some medicines have influence on Dianette working that includes anti epileptic drugs, anti HIV, antibiotics, anti fungal drugs and certain sedatives. So do not co-administer any of these medicines with Dianette. 

What would be the side effects of Dianette?

Female may feel nausea, headache, mood swings, breast tenderness and weakness when she takes Dianette as contraceptive method.

What precautions should be used while taking Dianette?

  • Do not take sun-beds or sun-lamps and avoid prolonged sun bathing if you are on Dianette medication or it will lead to discoloration of skin.
  • Women who smoke and are above 35 years of age should not take it.
  • Women patients of liver, blood clotting, high blood pressure, migraine, heart disorder or with high cholesterol level are contraindicated with its use.

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