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Cyclophosphamide is a generic medication for the ailment of Cancer disorder. Cyclophosphamide is served in the form of injectable under the brand name of Endoxan or Procytox or Cytoxan.

The drug helps in

  • Lymphomas, retinoblastoma, Fungoides,
  • Various type of brain cancer or leukemia,
  • Hodgkin's disease, adenocarcinoma of ovary, breast carcinoma
  • Mixed-cell type lymphoma,
  • Neuroblastoma and Lymphocytic lymphoma.

The drug belongs to anticancer category of alkylating agent which is used along with other chemotherapy drugs to mitigate the cancer condition.

What are the contraindications of Cyclophosphamide?

  • Patient having hepatic or kidney malfunction should not administer the drug.
  • Patient with weak immune system should not use the injection Cyclophosphamide.
  • Any patient having history of known allergic response to the core drug or its content should not use the drug.

Which drugs may affect the activity of Cyclophosphamide?

Following drug should not be used while patient is on Cyclophosphamide as this may bring harmful effect or increase the risk of side effects:

  • Digoxin,
  • Phenobarbital,
  • Phenothiazines and St John's wort.

What are the safe storage conditions for the Cyclophosphamide injection?

  • Keep the injectable at temperature below 25 degree Celsius.
  • Keep the medication away from the direct sun light exposure or heat.

How to take Cyclophosphamide injection?

The medication can be taken along with the anticancer drugs.

The drug is served according to the patient medical condition like:

  • Weight,
  • Radiotherapy or response to the medication.

The medication should be given by a medical professional who is skilled to serve you a parentral medication in vein.

What if you have missed a dose?

Seek help of the doctor to manage the loss of dose and if you take overdose you might experience ill effects.


What are the side effects of Cyclophosphamide injection?

Patient may experience certain unwanted effects like: Nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea or stomach ache. Anti vomiting drug can mitigate the side effects like vomiting. The drug may impose the side effect like temporary hair loss or change in color texture of hair.

What are the safety tips about this medication?

  • While using Cyclophosphamide injectable preparation one should mind condition like Cardio toxicity, UTI or renal toxicity.
  • Patient planning for pregnancy should not use the medication.
  • Medication should be served by medically skilled personnel.
  • Injection may bring fever. The drug is not indicated for the nursing mothers and if one is taking the drug during pregnancy it may turn her sterile.
  • After use of injection break the needle and dispose at proper place.

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