Eye Care

Before going out anywhere, we look into the mirror to see how beautiful we are looking. It's all because of eyes that we are able to see beautiful things of the world.

Eyes being the most precious part of our body, enable us to do all our daily tasks. Almost 80% of our daily works are completed with the help of eyes. No one can imagine life without eyes. They are like windows to our soul. Eyes are well known to add beauty and charm to our personality and make us feel confident.

It is very important to look after our eyes in a healthy manner. There are several factors that can affect our eyes and cause harmful eye disorders such as burning, itching, irritation, glaucoma, intra ocular pressure, and redness in the eyes. Eye problems also cause other disorders such as high blood pressure, excess use of alcohol and smoking, diabetes, overweight etc. Using excess of eye makeup which contains harmful chemicals also causes disorders.

To keep eyes healthy and beautiful we need to follow few safety precautions such as, use sunglass while moving out in hot sun, eat healthy food, regular exercise, wash eyes with fresh water at least 3 to 4 times a day and avoid excess of eye make that contains harmful toxic substances.

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