Anti Hormone

In ancient times, women were just treated as a source to satisfy their partner during sensual intercourse and also to carry on their generation to pass their lineage. Introduction to hormone contraceptives gave rights to women to decide their future.

Contraceptive reduces the threat of pain that takes place at the time of abortion. Fertile woman means that she is physically in condition to become a mother. But the question arises here "does she really want to have baby now?”? If "NO" then hormone contraceptives play an important function.

Contraceptive hormones play an important role to avoid unplanned pregnancy in effective manner. Innovation of these hormones allows women to pursue their dreams. Hormone contraceptives contain 2 different hormones known as Estrogen and Progesterone. The combination of these 2 hormones works together to prevent ovary from releasing eggs and helps to thicken the cervical mucus making it difficult for sperm to reach the egg. It finally avoids ovulation.

Some of the advantages to use hormone contraceptives are, they make your period more regular, shorter and lighter, helps to reduce menstrual cycle, help to reduce the risk of uterine cancer, colon and over, iron deficiency anemia.

There are various hormonal contraceptive such as   Familon, Ovral-L, Yasmin,   Ovral-G, Dronis, Loette, Mircette, and Dianette available on our online portal to effectively shun your unwanted pregnancy without fear and stress.