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Moxifloxacin (mox ee flox a sin) Opthalmic

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1 (ML) Bottle Vigamox 0.5% Opthalmic Solution (5ml Bottle) $33.99 $33.99
3 (ML) Bottles Vigamox 0.5% Opthalmic Solution (5ml Bottle) $34.00 $101.99


Vigamox is a sterile dosage form, which is considered in the class of eye care medication. This is an amazing formula that contains a synthetic derivative of Fluoroquinolone, which is named as Moxifloxacin that is come under the category of antibiotics.


How Vigamox reveals its positive action?

This is a dosage form which provides relief from the bacterial infection associated with eyes by inhibiting the production of protein that is responsible for the survival of the bacteria.


What are the indications of Vigamox eye drop?

This dosage form is only used to treat various bacterial eye infections. So, never use this dosage form for other cause.


How should you use Vigamox eye drop?

This is a solution dosage form, which is instilled into the eyes with the help of clean and dry dropper, usually one drop 3 times in a day. It is beneficially taken for 7 days.  


In which conditions, Vigamox eye drop should not be used?

Avoid utilizing this dosage form, in case of allergic problem to any ingredient of this dosage form.

This drug should not be used by a patient, if you had a recent eye surgery or trauma and eye allergic problem.

This dosage form should not be used along with any other eye medications; as they can interact with this dosage form.


What are the common side effects of Vigamox eye drop?

Excessive tear formation, blurred vision, dryness, redness, burning sensation, stinging, itching and irritation in the eyes.


What are the various safety measures that should be taken, while you are using Vigamox eye drop?

This dosage form affects your visual capability, so, it is beneficial to avoid performing such activities that require you to be alert like driving and heavy machinery work.

This dosage form should be kept in the cool environment, but avoid placing it into the freezer.

Avoid using this dosage form in case any change takes place in the preparation like odor, color and appearance of foreign particles in the formulation.


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