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Veenat 400 MG

Veenat 400 MG


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What is Veenat 400mg for?

Veenat is an effective medication that contains generic Imatinib Mesylate as an active ingredient, used in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia and gastrointestinal stromal tumors. It is also used to prevent cancer from growing in patients after surgical removal of gist. Veenat belong to the class of medication called protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor.  

This medication is mainly used at the time when other medications and methods for cancer treatment are not successfully carried out.

How does this medication works?

Imatinib Mesylate is an anti-cancer drug that helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells by reducing or stopping the production of protein kinase enzyme. This process will stop the growth of stem cells and platelet which eventually stops the tumor from getting larger. This drug not only helps to stop the body from generating abnormal cells which creates the tumors but also kills those cells to stop the growth of tumor so that there is no need to carry out any major surgery to remove out the tumor.

When you must not take this drug?

  •  If you are facing any allergy to this medication or any of its ingredient present in it.
  •  If you have ever had pulmonary fibrosis, liver disorder, kidney disorder or bone marrow problem.
  •  If you have low level of white blood cells or low level of blood platelets.
  •  Do not take this drug if you have ever removed your thyroid gland.
  •  If you have the history of swelling or fluid retention. 

What are the drugs which interact with Veenat?

There are many drugs that can interact with this medication and can increase side effects. Drugs such as Cyclosporine, Dexamethasone, Fentanyl, Sirolimus, St. John's Wort, Blood Thinner medications  Such As Warfarin,  Antifungal Medication, Antidepressants Drugs, Calcium Channel Blocker Drugs, Cholesterol-Lowering Medicines, Ergot Medicine, Seizure Medication, HIV Medication and sedatives such as Alprazolam should not be taken along with veenat.

How to store this drug?

Store this medication at controlled room temperature. Protect this drug from excess heat and moisture. Always keep it away from the reach of children. 

How to take this drug?

Veenat 400mg is available in the form of tablet, taken orally by mouth once a day. It is taken along with full glass of water and could be consumed in an empty stomach or after food. It is always better to take this drug after meal.

In case of miss dose, take the missed dose as soon as possible. If you are close to your next dose, then skip the previous one and carry on with your regular dose. Never take 2 doses or extra doses at the same time.

In case of over dose, immediately contact your nearby emergency room or hospital for immediate help. 

What are the side effects that occur after taking this drug?

This drug may cause some mild to severe side effects such as light headache, change in thinking, blurred eyesight, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramp, fatigue, rashes, fluid retention etc. There is nothing to worry in case of mild side effects but if these side effects are becoming worse, immediately contact your doctor.

What are the safety precautions that should be followed while using this drug?

  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or may become pregnant while using this medication.
  • Avoid driving and doing tasks that require alertness and want clear eyesight until you are sure that how this medication affects you.
  • Hair loss is often at the time of taking this medication. They will grow back when this medication is stopped.  

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