Womens Health

Because of today's unhealthy food and lifestyle, we should be more cautious about ever choice that we makes.

Historically, lives of women were so difficult. Other than from numerous diseases and dangers, women are forced to become wives and mothers often when they were just emerging from their childhood. In ancient period, childbirth itself was so risky that it can sometime lead to the death of the mother or infant. They have not lived longer enough to be concerned about their health condition.  

Diseases those are more common in women:

Majority of disease affect both women and men similar, but there are some diseases that occur at a higher frequency in women such as gallstones are four times more common in women compare to men. Migraine headaches , irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infections, cystitis, kidney infection, high blood pressure etc are more commonly seen in women.

There are various information's available on women health issues not only about alcoholism, stress, depression but also on other basic topics such as good nutrition, exercise etc. It is beneficial for every woman to maintain her weight as obesity can develop many other disorder such as high blood pressure, heart disorder, diabetes etc.   Eliminating greasy food, over eating and by doing physical activities can help you to control body weight and also helps to reduce the risk of developing long list of health disorders.

Smoking and alcoholism is detrimental to anyone's health, as well as to the other people around them. Excess of smoking and intake of alcohol can cause various heart disorders, cancer, cirrhosis, hepatitis and many other disorders.

It is important that every woman have access to knowledge about their health and body. Not only related to their reproductive system but also about all aspects of your body.

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